The light sculptures of Waldo De Groote vary between light and sculpture, between atmosphere and design.

Going from metal to fruit, from skulls to leather and from organic materials to more artificial substances, new or recycled, the elements used for the lightsculptures always breathe an own atmosphere in which the combination with the glow and the color of the light is of the utmost importance.

Not only is light the meaning of life, in its natural form it can also be immensely astonishing (thinking of a rainbow, Northern Lights, the gradations of the setting sun, the gloom of fireflies, the reflections of the moon in the eyes of a cat, ...).

The memory of the childish fascination I had for those natural wonders might well have been the actual reason to have started with the creation of the first in a series of many sculptures. Even now, the most important source of inspiration comes from mother nature or from the transiency inherent to it.

A lot of technical explanation might help to boost survey, draft and mental depth of the works, but to be honest it all comes to a feeling of equilibrance in which materials and dimensions, color and glow and the actual setting of the lamp itself is driven by a good feeling!

Anyway, have a walk around and… who knows you’ll see the light!


Regards, Waldo

Diskhopper - light sculpture Dogg - light sculpture Vinyline - light sculpture Astral - light sculpture Bella - light sculpture Baonut - light sculpture Bikebird - light sculpture
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